Rangeland and Natural Area Services

General Information

TH 2004
Dept. of Agronomy - Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506 United States


Organization Narrative

The purpose of this organization is to provide consulting, educational, and publication services on rangeland and natural area topics, especially those related to water quality. I will provide demonstration organization and oversight, field day and tour planning and coordination, one-on-one consulting, preparation of poster, publications, presentations, newsletters or other educational materials, and other tasks associated with promoting good rangeland management for enhanced/preserved environmental quality.

General Services

  • Education


Education Currently I have prepared several state-wide publications for use by those working with producers on rangelands and water quality issues. I have experience in participating in Water Festivals, especially in demonstrating the streambank trailer.

BMP's / Tech Implementation Services

  • Livestock


Livestock Unconfined livestock contribute to water quality problems across the state. I can propose and present solutions for improving water quality by refining livestock management practices.

Service Area

Basin Map

Rangeland and Natural Area Services provides services in the areas listed below:

  • All - We serve the entire state

WRAPS Projects we're currently working with

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