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Kansans are beginning to realize the important role riparian forests serve in sustaining the quality and supply of our water. KSU research conducted on the Kansas River following the 1993 flood and a recent study following the 1997 flood on the Verdigris River confirm that trees do a superior job compared to other landcover stabilizing streambanks and keeping sediment out of our streams and ultimately our reservoirs. Sedimentation of reservoirs and their subsequent reduction in available water supply is a huge issue for Kansans. Compared to the cost of dredging, protecting and establishing riparian forests should be a priority for most Kansas watersheds.


General Services

  • Education


The Kansas Forest Service (KFS) is available to meet with WRAPS Stakeholder Leadership Teams to discuss in detail how to help reach forestry watershed management goals, objectives and their costs. KFS services are directed toward WRAPS groups that are in the “implementation phase” of watershed management.
Most KFS services fall within the "Riparian Management & Technical Assistance Coordination" category as described on page 13 of the Request for Proposals for Watershed Restoration & Protection Strategy Projects.  WRAPS groups interested in KFS services should consider listing that category in their proposal.  KFS can also off services for the "Adult Information and Education" category.  KFS is also willing to contract directly with WRAPS groups.



BMP's / Tech Implementation Services



BMP’s/Tech Implementation Services
Technical Assistance - Includes attending WRAPS meetings, on-site visits, data collection and written reports. Often used on initial site visits where project implementation plans are not required. Workshop presentations. Follow-up visits to check implementation. Price: $200/half day or $400/day.
Riparian Forest Buffer Establishment - Site reconnaissance, data collection and a written project implementation plan that includes specific information on project design and maintenance necessary for successful forest buffer establishment. Cost is based on an average 10 hrs. per project. Price $500.
Forest Stand Improvement - Site reconnaissance, data collection, tree marking and providing a written project implementation plan that includes specific information on killing unwanted trees, herbicide application, and planting trees to improve stocking and stand quality. Cost is based on an average 26 hrs. per project. Ptice: $1,300.
Workshops & Tours - Includes brochure, promotion, mailings, contacting speakers, caterers, sponsors, determining location and general organization. Price: $1,700.
Tree and Shrub Establishment - Includes the same description of services provided under Riparian Forest Buffer Establishment. Tree and Shrub Establishment applies to all other tree plantings outside the maximum 180 foot riparian buffer width required by CRP, such as flood plains and upland plantings. Based on an average 9 hrs. per project. Price: $460.
Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment - Used in cases where livestock removal from riparian areas is enhanced by providing wind protection off-site through the establishment of windbreaks.   Site reconnaissance, data     collection and a written project implementation plan that includes specific information on project design and maintenance. Based on an average 9.5 hrs per project. Price: $476.
Promoting Adoption of   Forestry Practices - Includes the development and distribution of brochures, news releases, TV, radio, and web-based information. Cost based on an average of 10 hrs. per project. Mailing & duplication costs not included. Price: $600.
The cost of Technical Assistance is included in Forest Stand Improvement, Riparian Forest Buffer, Tree and Shrub, and Windbreak/Shelterbelt establishment costs. All prices are negotiable.

Additional Services

  • Forest Management - Low-cost conservation tree and shrub seedlings may be purchased for BMPs at http://www.kansasforests.org/conservation/index.shtml. KFS provides technical assistance to conduct sustainable timber harvest following state BMPs.

Service Area

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Kansas Forest Service provides services in the areas listed below:

  • All - We serve the entire state

WRAPS Projects we're currently working with

Cottonwood, Upper Fall River, Toronto, Delaware, Lower Kansas, Upper Wakarusa, Middle Kansas, Tuttle Creek, Twin Lakes, Milford and Marais des Cygnes.

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