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General Information

2536 Rimrock Dr.
Suite 400-269
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Organization Narrative

HydroGeo Designs LLC. is a private consulting firm specializing in watershed analyses, stream restoration, applied fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, hydraulic engineering, storm water management and erosion control projects. We are committed to addressing each project using a scientific approach to understand the baseline conditions, natural processes and project constraints. The high quality baseline data collected serves as a foundation for thorough problem understanding, project alternative analysis and recommended solutions. Our focus is superior customer service and innovative cost effective project solutions that represent state of the art science to ensure project success.

General Services

  • Watershed Modeling
  • Mapping
  • Education
  • Grant Assistance


Engineering Specialties

  • Geomorphic assessment of watersheds and stream channel reaches
  • Stream channel and floodplain design
  • Computational modeling of river hydraulics, watershed hydrology and sediment transport
  • Stream bank stabilization analysis and design (using bioengineering and traditional engineering approaches)
  • Fish passage and habitat improvement designs
  • Bridge scour analysis and scour countermeasure designs
  • Storm water management solutions to reduce off-site runoff impacts
  • Construction management services to transfer plan details into constructed projects
  • Stream channel and project monitoring including water flow measurement, stream bed sediment sampling,   sediment transport measurement, water quality monitoring and stream corridor geodetic surveys
  • Innovative erosion control BMP measures for soil stabilization and construction runoff management

Through a focused business strategy that emphasizes hydrologic and erosion control projects investigated by highly trained professionals HydroGeo Designs LLC. guarantees high quality service and personal attention to our clients. Our Principal Hydraulic Engineer Brett Jordan MS, PhD has 10 years of experience in hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, open channel hydraulics, storm water management, erosion control, sediment transport and stream restoration design in the academic and private consulting sectors. He has worked on over 30 different river systems ranging from steep mountain headwater streams to low gradient sand bed streams in the Pacific Northwest, Inter-Mountain West and Southeast. These projects have ranged from watershed scale analysis of sediment and nutrient transport to reach scale stream restoration designs and site specific analysis of hydraulic structures.

Dr. Jordan also has taught graduate level courses in the Civil Engineering Department at Colorado State University focusing on field data collection and analysis of river systems. The courses emphasize quantitative measurement of river attributes necessary for understanding natural channel geomorphic processes. Topics included bed material measurement, longitudinal, cross-section and planform surveys, bankfull stage identification, water and sediment discharge measurement, channel roughness estimation and channel classification systems including those proposed by (Rosgen 1994, Montgomery and Buffington 1997 and Schumm 1985). In addition to teaching the field data analysis techniques, Dr. Jordan has implemented identical techniques on dozens of successful stream and river projects.

BMP's / Tech Implementation Services

  • Wetland management
  • Stormwater
  • Erosion control

Service Area

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HydroGeo Designs LLC. provides services in the areas listed below:

  • All - We serve the entire state

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