Delaware River WRAPS

Buffer Strip in Jackson County (photo by Carl Jarboe)Delaware River (photo by Gary Satter)KDWP educational program with elementary students at Perry LakePerry Lake from the air, looking north from south of the dam

General Information

Sponsored by:
Glacial Hills Resource Conservation and Development Region
Start Date:
October 31, 2005
318 Broadway
Valley Falls, KS 66088 United States


Geographical Information:

Surrounding water bodies:

Delaware River, Perry Lake Reservoir, Mission Lake, Banner Creek Reservoir

Watershed Description:

HUC 8 10270103

Project Goals & Objectives:

  • Quality
  • Groundwater
  • Surface water
  • Pollution
  • Restoration

Project Achievements:

Delaware River WRAPS Plan completed May 2007. Outreach efforts to educate and inform the public about watershed, water quality and WRAPS issues are on-going. SFY 2008 WRAPS grant providing funds for WRAPS coordination, 3 buffer coordinators (Nemana, Jackson and Jefferson Cos.) teacher workshops, riparian assessment of Delaware River, stream bank stabilization workshop, forestry assistance and buffer planning for landowners, extended grazing and forage assistance to small livestock producers, River Friendly Farm Program and related assistance and workshops, Citizen Science workshop and kit, two WaterLINK projects (scope TBD), buffer strip grazing research project (in conjuntion with Middle KS WRAPS), watershed specialist assistance, "No-till for Novices" workshop (in conjunction with neighboring watershed), and other related activities. Demonstration funds for SFY 2008 will be used to install and showcase BMP's determined after the Delaware River riparian assessment is completed. Delaware WRAPS organized and facilitated development of a regional Household Haz. Waste disposal program involving Doniphan, Brown, Atchison and Jackson Counties. WRAPS also assisted with obtaining a $105,000 start-up grant and $32,000 additional SEP funding from KDHE. Once operational (target date May 1, 2008), this regional program and existing programs in Nemaha and Jefferson counties, will provide HHW services to the entire watershed. Delaware WRAPS is working with "PR Campaigns" class at K-State (Dr. Nancy Muturi, Professor) under two WaterLINK grants (Fall'07 and Spring'08) on components of its watershed PR campaign.

William Hill and David Zeit, Co-Chairpersons
Committee Members:
John Bond, Jennifer Delisle, Mary Fund, Dotti Harris, Gary Keehn, Rita Mathews, Marilyn Snider, Luke Terry, and Pam Wiedner

Current Project Partners:

  • KS Alliance for Wetlands and Streams, KS Ass'n for Conservation and Environmental Education, KS Forest Service, KS Rural Center, Citizen Science, WaterLINK, Rangeland and Natural Area Services, KSU Extension, No-till on the Plains, County Conservation Districts (Atchison, Brown, Jackson, Jefferson and Nemaha), County Board of Commissioners (Atchison, Brown, Jackson and Doniphan), KDHE, NRCS, Northeast KS Environmental Services,

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This project funded in part through the Kansas Water Office, with appropriations from the Kansas Water Plan Fund; and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, through EPA Section 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grant # C9007405-11.