Kansas WRAPS Workgroup:
·        Kansas Dept. of Agriculture
·        Kansas Dept. of Health & Environment
·        Kansas Water Office
·        Kansas Dept. of Wildlife & Parks
·        State Conservation Commission
·        Kansas Biological Survey
·        Kansas Forest Service
·        Kansas Geological Survey
·        Kansas State University
·        Kansas Dept. of Transportation
·        US Environmental Protection Agency
·        USDA Farm Service Agency
·        USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
·        US Geological Survey
 Draft 9-Element Plans
Listed below are draft 9-element plans for review by the KS WRAPS Workgroup.
Lower Kansas WRAPS Final Draft 6 28 11.pdf
(5,113.1 kB)
(22,195.8 kB)
Middle Kansas.pdf
(11,170.2 kB)

Copyright 2019 Kansas Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy
This project funded in part through the Kansas Water Office, with appropriations from the Kansas Water Plan Fund; and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, through EPA Section 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grant # C9007405-11.