2011 WRAPS Conference

The 2011 WRAPS Conference was a real success this year! Thanks to those of you who attended and presented information. We've compiled a list of conference attendee's and many of the presentations from the conference and have listed them below, along with any handouts or related documents. If you gave a presentation and would like to make it available here, please send it to tsieve@kdheks.gov.

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A Discussion of Best Management Practices.pptx
(18,735.5 kB)
Achieving Federal, State and Local Goals Through Integrated Planning.ppt
(7,734.8 kB)
Assessing Riparian Forests in the Delaware River Watershed.pptx
(29,771.3 kB)
Billy Beck_Implementing & Maintaining Riparian Forest Buffers.pptx
(14,857.3 kB)
Developing a Methodology to Identify Existing and Potential Wetlands in Kansas.ppt
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Field Efforts to Evaluate Remote Sensing and GIS Methodologies to Indentify Existing and Potential Wetlands in Kansas.pdf
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Grassland BMPs.pdf
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JCCC Stormwater-WRAPS_final.pptx
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(4,876.2 kB)
Marlene Bosworth_Targeting and Implementation Issues PPT.pptx
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New Opportunities for WRAPS Information & Education.ppt
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Phil Balch_Streambank Design Issues.ppt
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Phytotechnology and Natural Attenuation.pptx
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Rob Reschke_Streambank Funding & Maintenance.pptx
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Show me the money!.pptx
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Susan Metzger_Streambank Assessment, Prioritization & Permitting Requirements.pptx
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Tillage & Watershed Conditions Driving Tours.pptx
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